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Our omnichannel messaging platform helps your business improve client engagement and retention by aggregating your client’s data.
Our content services include production, design, strategy and paid media.
From conversation to conversion, we combine messaging channels and innovative payments gateways that offer a seamless user experience

Why conversational commerce

Finding a balance between customer satisfaction and business needs can be a challenge. The On-Demand Economy requires brands to put customer needs first.


For your customer: Optimal customer experience
For your business: Zero agent downtime


For your customer: Real-time and asynchronous
For your business: In-channel Case resolution


For your customer: One-to-One service
For your business: Rich conversation context


For your customer: Quicker response, faster resolution
For your business: Combine bot/agent-assisted service

Case Studies

Nehemiah Project is a nonprofit organization, based in the US – Vancouver state, present in over 33 countries, NPIM supports kingdom businesses through Biblical Entrepreneurship training, coaching and access to capital.

  • Build a virtual platform that can connect kingdom entrepreneurs from all around the world; network, share resources and access capital.
  • Increase awareness and conversion of training and coaching programs.
  • Expand reach and influence across the globe through social media.


  • Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community (E-Community), a division of Nehemiah Project, is a membership, business training, and support platform for entrepreneurs who desire to build transformational companies within a shared-value global community.
  • E-Community Marketplace – Online platform where you can connect and trade with other businesses.
  • Using Social Media to drive membership and conversions.

E-Community – Learning Management System

  • Setting up your business on the platform reduces the cost of building a website.
  • Offers full online store functionality from location pins to a checkout cart.
  • Rating and review feature builds trust and credibility.

E-Community Marketplace

  • Setting up your business on the platform reduces the cost of building a website.
  • Offers full online store functionality from location pins to a checkout cart.
  • Rating and review feature builds trust and credibility.

Social Media – E-Community Podcast

  • LIVE podcasts have grown the engagement by 210%
  • One-minute micro-content clips are generated to help drive full podcast viewership.
  • Sponsored posts increase reach.

Virtual Events

  • Over 300 participants have registered for the conference.
  • Renowned speakers will be facilitating discussions.
  • 4 continents were represented in the conference.
  • E-Community membership has grown to over 1045 global members in 6 months.
  • Over 600 members have been trained and coached online.
  • Social media engagement has increased by 35% month on month.
  • Reach: Year 2020/2021 on Nehemiah’s social media pages has grown by 63% after we launched 1st campaign.

Fair Trade organizations have a clear commitment to Fair Trade as the principal core of their mission. They, backed by consumers, are engaged actively in supporting producers, awareness raising and in campaigning for changes in the rules and practice of conventional international trade.

  • Increase awareness of locally consumed products (Made in Kenya)
  • Encourage local producers to build ethically source their raw materials
  • Bring together different stakeholders who will address trade barriers within the region


  • Bring all trade stakeholders across the continent together to participate in a virtual walkathon dubbed ‘Strides For Africa’.
  • The event is to be tracked monitored by an app. Each participant is at will to choose where they will walk provided they track their steps on their app
  • 5 Countries Participated in Virtual Walkathon
  • Over 400 people participated in Africa
  • Over 2000 km walked cumulatively
  • 235 new contacts added to the mailing list
  • 67 % High Engagement rate mostly through WhatsApp

Ongoza offers Tailored, Holistic Solutions for the Young Kenyan Entrepreneurs. Ongoza is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs who create sustainable employment. We strive for positive economic change by providing practical, customized advisory services to our entrepreneurs.

  • Create a marketing funnel from awareness to donation. This involved working on a website refresh and integrating it with their CRM to enable tracking of leads into the pipeline.

  • Revamp their Learning Management System

  • Ease of use and navigation
  • 23% increase in visibility – Reach and impressions
  • 14% increase of leads into CRM
  • 31 % increase in Engagement rate on Social Media